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We machine our clients’ drawings and projects with our complete machinery park, using various materials such as iron, steels, alloys, stainless steels, aluminum, plastics, bronze, copper, brass and others.

We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing gauges and tools, facilitating manufacturing and helping our customers with their projects.

We have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of HOT STAMPING DIES AND MOLDS. This experience has helped us to be competitive in terms of delivery times, a very important aspect to meet the needs of our customers by responding quickly to market demands.

Technical Office
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In order to improve the product and rationalise its cost, always with quality as an objective, at JASA we advise our clients on each project we carry out, resolving all the doubts that may arise in it.

And to do so we have MASTERCAM, one of the most powerful and versatile CAD/CAM tools, with which we can carry out both the design, pre-machining, monitoring and development of the product, ensuring the optimization of times and the highest quality.

We collaborate with MAINTENANCE departments designing, mechanizing and carrying out repairs of axles, bolts and various spare parts, so that they can manage and carry out conservation and maintenance projects of the machinery in their own facilities or in the facilities of their customers.

We work to offer our clients all the ADDITIONAL SERVICES that the client can entail in carrying out their projects or machining, thus encompassing the largest number of these services in a single supplier, which can result in an improvement of the product itself and its costs and in greater facilities for the client throughout the process.

That is why we offer post-machining services such as heat treatments, grinding, finishing treatment, bathing and others, as always with the best advice.

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